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What is floating?

floating dla kobiet - salon spa gdyniaBeauty salon (click here to see our gallery), Vanity Day SPA, offers a modern method of treatment called floatation.

Floatation is a therapy involving the reduction of approx. 90% of external stimuli, which brings substantial benefits to our health and well-being. It not only assures a return to harmony but also introduces far-reaching changes in the emotional and physical wellbeing, allowing a rational analysis of extreme situations that we come across every day.

The modern world is very dynamic and focused on gaining new knowledge and experiences. Even if you try hard, you can not escape from the surrounding stimuli associated with your daily work, responsibilities, and personal needs. This constant calling for action causes stress, tension and a feeling of permanent fatigue. Busy and upset people have less and less time for full recovery and rest - both physical and mental. Fortunately, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that the effectiveness of work and daily activities depends mainly on the mood and attitudes that need periodic stimulation. Such stimulation may be provided by sensory deprivation.

floating dla mężczyzn - salon spa In a closed environment of a deprivation tank, only a small percentage of external stimuli reaches inside, so that in a few minutes the boundary between body and soul is blurred, and the stress disappears into thin air.

Remember! Every day, the human brain uses more than 80 percent of its stimuli conversion capabilities. It is quite a significant effort for a body that needs relaxation and “slowing down.” Floating on the water, our consciousness is free from any sensory perception. There is no gravity, orientation of the body, temperature fluctuations. In a highly concentrated solution of Epsom salt, it feels like levitating.
The water temperature is at all times kept constant at 34.8 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to the temperature of the skin and does not force the organism to produce additional energy.

Stepping into the tank, you first hear the soft music that helps you enter a state of relaxation. In a few moments, your muscles relax, and there is a burst of endorphins, oxytocin and prolactin. After three full sessions, the body becomes fully accustomed to unusual conditions, and the participant starts to feel the therapeutic effects.

We take care of body and mind

Being inside a sensory deprivation tank allows you to reach a state of complete tranquility, which in normal circumstances would require a long series of meditation. Stepping into the tank you part with your physical experience - you get rid of clothes and stop to feel the force of gravity. The optimum temperature of the water helps your body fully adapt to the new conditions and is not compelled to produce energy. Your brain, free from unnecessary and chaotic sensations, begins to function in an unpredictable manner, reaching a state of peace. Without auditory, visual and tactile stimuli, you quickly and naturally enter the state of meditation, and your mind switches to theta waves. We will talk about them in more detail in a separate article.

floating to korzyść zdrowotna Sensory deprivation also brings health benefits. As we already know, a deep relaxation promotes the release of endorphins in the brain responsible for pain reduction. Moreover, floating on the surface of the water, our muscles do not work, and the blood supply to critical body parts - in the absence of pressure - is more efficient. Increasing the rate of blood flow allows for faster healing of wounds and release of biochemical substances. Many people are satisfied with sensory deprivation and note that after a few sessions the pain disappears, and after a longer time taking additional pharmaceuticals becomes unnecessary.

Floating is especially recommended for convalescents - people with a history of injuries, fractures or operations.

However, do not forget about the beauty benefits. Regular “levitation” improves the appearance of hair and skin and also helps get rid of excess weight. If you want to improve your complexion, clean it and deeply nourish, be sure to take advantage of our natural and completely safe method of Float REST.

Theta waves

A study conducted by Gary S. Stern, Professor of Psychology at the University of Colorado, showed that people using flotation tanks experience an increase in levels of theta waves already after a few hours.

Drowsiness and a feeling of complete relaxation caused by staying in the tank make the brain change the waves into slow and rhythmic. In the state of theta the thought process is chaotic, often accompanied by realistic images, memories or momentary desires. This strange and elusive state is potentially effective, but it is hard to assess its actual productivity because people staying in the tanks tend to fall asleep quickly. Reaching the theta state it is indeed possible to retain consciousness, but it requires practice and holding at least a few floatation sessions.

Interestingly, retaining consciousness while in theta waves allows you even to control the pain!

Synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres

Reduction of external stimuli and deep relaxation cause that the usually dominant left hemisphere of the brain is slowed down and the right hemisphere enters a state of increased activity. This allows to synchronize both hemispheres and achieve a state of harmony and balance. As the right hemisphere is activated stronger, your imagination and creativity are also stimulated. The tank not only helps to free your potential but also helps you open up to the world and perceive the seemingly invisible details.


The first experiments with sensory isolation were carried out already in the 50s of the last century. American psychiatrist and neurologist, John Cunningham Lilly, tried to investigate how people would behave after their brain is totally deprived of external stimuli. Floating is a state of exceptional relaxation. floating to stan wyjątkowego relaksu Most scientists thought that in such environment a man would collapse into a state of sleep - Lilly was no exception. In 1954, he created a dark, soundproof tank, into which he poured hot and salted water. Before entering the vertical deprivation tank, which apparently did not look to be too “relaxing”, he had put on a mask and immersed himself completely in the water, sinking - to his profound surprise - into a state of exceptional relaxation. In his later publications, he often mentioned that sensory isolation is a “method of achieving the deepest relaxation a man can achieve."

Motivated by the result obtained with sensory deprivation, he created a tank that enables the state of deprivation in very comfortable conditions.

In the late 70s, Dr. Peter Suedfeld and Dr. Roderick Borrie of the University of British Columbia began experimenting with the therapeutic benefits of this method, changing its name to REST, which stands for Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or Floatation-REST.


Is a session in the tank safe and there is no risk of drowning?

A person using a deprivation tank does not feel gravity. Thanks to the highly concentrated solution of Epsom salts the user floats at a temperature adjusted to the temperature of the skin. Interestingly, some people enter a state of relaxation so deep that they fall asleep after a few minutes of the session.

Can I feel claustrophobic?

The tank is very spacious - it is about 2.5 m long and 1.7 m wide. The user has complete freedom of movement, and it is even possible to swim.
If you are not convinced that the interior of the tank is not too small, please consider the feelings that assist you while being in a car or tent. Contrary to appearances, the tank is much larger and more comfortable to use.
Everything depends on your attitude - you enter the deprivation tank without any coercive measures, and you can get out of it at any given time. Soft music and soothing light will surely help you overcome your initial concerns.

Is salt water safe for my skin?

Pro-health and beauty properties of Epsom salt used in the flotation tanks have been known for hundreds of years. This naturally pure mineral compound - magnesium sulfate - is neutral for the skin and contains significant amounts of magnesium and sulfur. Studies have shown that they are more quickly absorbed by the skin than the digestive tract, so relaxing baths allow an easy and fun way to supplement deficiencies of these elements. Moreover, Epsom salt has a relaxing and cleansing effect, relieving pain and inflammation, as well as treating skin diseases.

How many sessions do I have to take to notice the first effects of the therapy?

The results of the tank are visible after the first session. Of course, the “first time” in the tank is about getting familiar with the therapy - a bather gets used to the new place, wriggles, gets accustomed to absolute silence and each subsequent session becomes more effective.

What should I bring?

We will provide you a towel, toiletries, and earplugs - you do not need to take anything with you.

Is it hygienic?

Because the water is filtered each time, there is no fear of the multiplication of the microorganisms. After each use, the tank goes through a triple mechanical filtration using the filters with a very low permeability (1 micron). Thanks to this all the debris are removed. Moreover, the tank is regularly cleaned and disinfected from within, and the salt used in such a high concentration makes the water almost sterile. At the end, there are also added chemicals in small amounts used to treat swimming pool water to preserve a perfect purity and clarity of the water. It can be said that the water in the tank is cleaner than the water in a pool or jacuzzi. We control parameters such as pH, the level of bromine, salt concentration every day because we want to make sure that both our guests and we can safely and without any fear take advantage of all the benefits offered by the tank.


What are the contraindications?

- epilepsy

- skin cancer

- implanted pacemaker

- mental illness (treated psychiatrically)

- thrombosis

- otitis

- I trimester pregnancy (from II using Floating is possible after consultation with doctor)

- open wounds, damaged skin, skin ulcers, irritations and infections, depilation 24h before session

- consumption of alcohol and drugs

- age below 16 years because of the unfinished brain development

- menstruation

Price list Floating:

Standard session 60 minutes 130 zł
Session longer than 60 minutes individual pricing


3 standard sessions 360 zł
5 standard sessions 550 zł
10 standard sessions 990 zł

If after the first session you decide to buy the package, the first session will be included.

We also offer the opportunity topurchase a session as a gift voucher.