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Massage parlor


oferujemy masażeRelaxing massage has a beneficial effect on both the body and soul. If you want to enjoy a true relaxation and fully enjoy a well-earned rest, we encourage you to take advantage of our massage and rituals offer. We perform classical, anti-cellulite Chinese cupping, lymphatic massages, as well as body tratmets accompanied by relaxing massages.

Which massage is right for you?

Do you feel tense, tired and looking for a way to relax your body? If so, then we heartily recommend you universal classic massages, which are appropriate for every person.
Anti-cellulite massages accelerate the reduction of orange peel and facilitate its homogeneous distribution under the skin. Chinese rubber cupping improves blood circulation in skin tissues and muscles and enhances the appearance of the skin and removes subcutaneous folds. The similar therapeutic effect can be achieved with lymphatic drainage, whose task is to stimulate the work of the lymph nodes and remove excess water deposited in the lower or upper limbs.

If you are still deciding on the appropriate message, we encourage you to contact our beauty salon.


We invite you to our exceptional two-hour rituals. They will make your skin silky smooth and will free your mind from multitude of thoughts and tensions of everyday life. Each ritual begins with all body scrub, which cleans and regenerates. Then your body will be covered with moisturizing mask, that is also improving skin tone. At the end of the ritual you will experience relaxing massage which has salutary effect on body and mind. During those two hours your consciousness will be in another dimension. After this experience you will forget about problems, tensions and omnipresent stress.

Ear candling

Ear candling is an ancient method used formerly by Indians involving lighting up the candle inserted into the ear. Despite the apparent simplicity of the treatment, it is extremely efficient and helps to get rid of retained secretions in the ears. It is also indispensable help in case of problems with hearing and sinuses. The treatment is completely painless.

Price list:


Regeneraing Cranberry120 minutes210 zł
Relaxing Chocolate120 minutes240 zł
Male Tobacco & Whisky120 minutes240 zł
Hot Chocolate Massage60 minutes140 zł
Lomi Lomi Nui90 minutes190 zł
Kobido Face Massage60 minutes150 zł
Hot chocolate massage 60 minutes 140 zł
Hot candle massage 60 minutes 140 zł
Aromatherapy massage 60 minutes 120 zł
80 minutes 170 zł
Massage with warm honey 60 minutes 140 zł
80 minutes 180 zł
Relaxation massage 60 minutes 110 zł
80 minutes 160 zł
120 minutes 220 zł
Face, neck and decollete massage 30 minutes 70 zł
Head massage 30 minutes 60 zł
Classic massage:
- partial 40 minutes 80 zł
- full 60 minutes 100 zł
80 minutes 150 zł
120 minutes 210 zł
Massage with chinese bubble:
- belly 40 minutes 70 zł
- lower limbs 60 minutes 100 zł
- upper limbs 60 minutes 100 zł
- back 40 minutes 100 zł